We are pleased to present a beautiful collection of handmade stoneware dinnerware from Boleslawiec, Poland.

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    About Boleslawiec Pottery

    Stoneware Pottery from Boleslawiec, Poland is probably one of the finest produced in the world. Our fine-quality table wares are renowned for their beautiful hand-finish, original style and high practicality. Polish ceramics have an individuality and "flavor" that is appreciated for its art and quality worldwide.

    Boleslawiec pottery line is classified as high-density stoneware. It is a very hard product shaped from opaque, white clay of the superb quality. It is resistant to chips and breakage. Polish stoneware does not contain cadmium or lead. The dished are completely safe for use with food and are intended for everyday cooking.

    Our high quality pottery is hand-formed and hand-decorated. Painting on ceramics became richly colorful in Boleslawiec region. The ornaments are painted using the punch technique. Decorative motifs are applied to the surface of the pottery object with small stamps soaked in paint. Different types of stamps are used to apply patterns on a single product. The vibrant colors are chosen according to Polish custom producing a great diversity of brightly hued wares. One piece compliments another regardless of design.

    Boleslawiec pottery is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe because the artists who create it carefully select their clays and bake them at the searing temperature of 2,246 degrees Fahrenheit. The product becomes as hard as stone and non-porous. As with all stoneware, however, one should avoid sudden, extreme changes in temperature. For best results, bring baking dishes to room temperature before heating. While the pottery is oven safe - any extreme temperature changes can cause the problems.  Also, it is best to not cook over 350 degrees for the same reasoning. As with any stoneware - if proper precautions are not taken the stoneware bakeware may crack.

    The design and decoration of Boleslawiec ceramics has been greatly influenced by individual artist-artisans. Pottery products, such as table wares, have tended to reflect the styles and patterns developed by these potters, whose work has often shown striking originality. The work produced by these original masters is called UNIKAT and pieces are signed by the individual artist. The price reflects the quality, detailed, careful painting, attention to design and time dedicated to each piece of pottery.

    If you love old time handcrafted pottery and stoneware, we're sure you'll enjoy viewing the selection of dinnerware products we're offering. Our pottery comes from famous Zaklady Ceramiczne Boleslawiec and we carry variety of stunning patterns including UNIKAT, classic Peacock, Nature, Evergreen, Renaissance, Americana (Stars and Stripes) and Stars and many others.

    In our store you’ll find an array of unique accessories to put the final touch to a well-appointed kitchen. Each piece stands up to heavy use, yet is attractive enough to bring a spot of color and texture to your decor. Slight design and color variations in this handcrafted stoneware enhance its beauty and value.

    Our bakeware is for real life – it could be used daily and not just admired merely for its beauty. Stoneware pottery disburses heat and diffuses it evenly. The nonporous baking dishes are easy to clean and maintain. Pottery bakeware moves directly and easily between the oven and table.

    Bowls, cookie jars and containers are colorful, collectable, and made in variety of sizes. Inspired by their predecessors, contemporary artisans now handcraft and hand paint each piece.

    Boleslawiec pottery dinnerware sets add charm and distinction to any table setting. These casual stoneware dinnerware sets will be your most used dishes no matter how big your collection is.

    Our serving pieces are made to be enjoyed now and to be treasured in the future. Each item makes a beautiful presentation and a very practical gift. Take just as much care choosing your casual dinnerware as you did your fine china. After all, you will be using your casual serving pieces every day.

    Tea and coffee items make a charming table centerpiece or kitchen accent as well as perfect handmade gifts. Stoneware plates and platters are elegant enough for formal entertaining, simple enough for everyday use. There is a wide variety to choose from - great for mixing and matching.

    Each piece of pottery stoneware from Boleslawiec is made to be treasured. We hope you'll enjoy it!

    Clay, earthenware, terracotta, stoneware – are they all the same thing?

    Clay is essentially the raw material. It is a mix of mineral substances. It is soft when moist, but hardens when heated. Item made from clay become earthenware when it is fired at
    relatively low temperatures (where it does not become vitreous).

    Stoneware is earthenware relatively rich in vitreous material and fired at so high a temperature that it becomes as hard as stone and non-porous.
    Stoneware dishes can be used in conventional and microwave ovens.

    Terracotta is an Italian word for “baked earth”. It refers to type of brownish, unglazed porous earthen wares.
    Earthen wares are porous and therefore not as strong as stone wares. Earthenware can be glazed, but it will never be as hard as stoneware-glazed surface. An earthenware-glazed dish will scratch or chip more easily than the harder surface of stoneware.

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